The decision to join WIPA is an investment in your future success. WIPA offers different types of memberships, designed to fit your specific needs:

Business Membership* is company-owned and may be transferred to another individual in the company by written request to WIPA’s Headquarters

  • Primary Business Member ($300 per year) is any one person serving as the official representative of a company. This member will have voting privileges on behalf of their company. 

  • Associate Business Member ($225 per year) is a subsequent voting membership for individuals employed by, or affiliated with, a company that holds a Primary Business Membership in good standing.
    Individual Membership* ($300 per year) is for any person who wishes a personally- owned nontransferable membership, rather than owned by a company. This member will have voting privileges.

*A one-time membership application processing fee of $50 is applicable for all types of memberships.

Apprentice Membership ($200 per year)

Apprentice Membership is for an individual who has been employed in a wedding-related business for less than three (3) years.

  • Apprentice Membership is also for an individual who is currently in a part-time or internship position at a wedding-related business.

  • Apprentice membership must be upgraded to the appropriate WIPA membership category once an individual has been employed in a wedding related business for three (3) years.

  • Apprentice members may not use the WIPA logo; may not vote on WIPA business; are not listed in the WIPA directory; and do not obtain access to webinars or video streaming.

  • Apprentice Members must also agree to serve as an active member of a WIPA committee.

The one time application fee is also applied to both student and apprentice memberships (as stated on the site)

WIPA has established the following requirements for membership. Applicants must:

  • Have a minimum three years professional experience in the wedding industry whether applying for Individual, Business or Associate Membership. This requirement may be satisfied by the cumulative time spent as an owner, CEO, manager or employee of companies that provide wedding-related products or services.

  • Be able to provide proof of legal business status or work for a company that can provide such proof

  • Be able to provide a currently valid certificate of General Liability Insurance or Professional Liability (E&O), or work for a company that can provide such a certificate.


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