Values in the Way We Do Business

The principles of professional conduct and ethics will support and inspire the members of the Wedding Industry Professional Association to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

WIPA members will:

  1. Be a credit to the industry by implementing good business principles which will protect the public against fraud and unfair practices.

  2. Provide written contracts to clients to establish an understanding of all charges, services, products and performance expectations.

  3. Safeguard all privileged information about clients in a confidential manner.

  4. Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities to assure the company’s ability to continue to do business and honor contracts.

  5. Abide by all government regulations and laws so as to favorably represent WIPA.

  6. Strive for excellence in their field by continually improving their knowledge base and be willing to share that proficiency with other WIPA Members.

  7. Give credit where credit is due; and will not plagiarize another’s work.

  8. Recognize individual boundaries of competence and be forthcoming and truthful about professional experience and qualifications.

  9. If engaging in the practices of commissions and referral fees, exercise the utmost integrity, put the client’s interest first and foremost.

  10. Not accept gratuities, gifts or favors which will impair or appear to influence professional decisions or actions.

  11. Show consideration for other professionals by extending the utmost level of kindness, regard and cooperation.

  12. Treat employees with esteem and fairness, advocating conditions of employment that will safeguard their rights and welfare.

  13. Respect all people regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or age.

  14. Adopt the Standards of Performance of the association which will result in consistently meeting expectations of clients, collaborators and referral sources.

When in doubt, following these guidelines will empower WIPA Members to make effective decisions with greater confidence.

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