Debunking the myth of the "Day-Of" Planner
Every couple deserves a wedding planner and many recognize the exceptional value of having
one. However, because of current terminology some couples anticipate they can hire a planner
just for the day of the wedding. The facts are: the “Day of Planner” does not exist. The term
was picked up by the public and has made its way into the everyday vernacular.

In light of this, the Wedding Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) recommends the
terminology “Wedding Director” to replace “day-of planner”.

No couple wants someone to walk in and pretend to run the show with no prior knowledge of
their wedding or preparation! The only way a planner can successfully execute a client’s
wedding is to fully understand their vision and what they have contracted with their team of

The pre-wedding meetings, vendor confirmations, review of vendor contracts, timelines,
planning, referrals, production schedules, venue logistics and walk through typically require a
minimum of 25 + hours for any experienced planner. The day of the wedding will be an
additional 10-15 hours. The planner will be on site early, directing set up and implementing the
client’s vision. This allows the couple to be relaxed and to enjoy their day.

Every couple wants the day to run flawlessly. A professional Wedding Director is a planner with
the experience and knowledge to make the day run smoothly and effortlessly by coordinating the
vendors and the venue; orchestrating an effective timeline and overseeing the often complicated

By hiring a Wedding Director the client will receive the service and expertise they deserve to
make the wedding day run perfectly.

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